In today’s world it’s more common than not that both people in the household are working full-time. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Thursday this year, it makes it hard to find a fun way to celebrate that won’t tax your energy and your wallet. Here are some fun ways to celebrate when you’re both working.

  1. Bake your significant other’s favorite dessert
  2. Cook breakfast together and enjoy a lazy morning by waking up a bit early
  3. Leave a love note in his/her briefcase as a surprise
  4. Surprise them at work with their favorite lunch and share a few minutes together
  5. Do a stay in night together: snuggle and binge-watch your favorite show
  6. Fill a jar with Hershey’s Kisses and little notes of what you love about each other
  7. Go on a walk at the end of the day and talk about your favorite times together
  8. Pour some wine, snuggle and watch the sunset together
  9. Take a long bubble bath together at the end of the workday
  10. Make a book about the qualities you love most about your partner

With any luck one of you, or both, will find something on this list to inspire you and make it a Thursday to remember. Enjoy!