Do you like getting dressed up for Halloween? You’re my kind of person. I love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone and not everyone enjoys the holiday. That said, there are ways that we can all enjoy the holiday at the office this week.

#1: Bring Candy to Share

One of my favorite tips is to bring a bowl of candy to the office to share. Remember to include some non-chocolate candy for those are not fans of chocolate (skittles are a great option as they’re also gluten free). This is a great idea for introverts as people come to you to say hi, socialize a bit and get candy rather than you having to leave your work area.

#2: Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Have a contest to see who can carve the most unique, fun, business-related, interesting, etc. pumpkin. Come up with several categories and have entries and prizes for each. You can make the prizes small but fun and each category will have a winner making it more fun to enter and possibly for people to enter multiple categories.

#3: Dress Up (appropriately)

Search your creative brain, or Google, and get your craft skills working. Now is the time to dress up as a bike messenger or your favorite superhero. It’s not the time to dress as anything inappropriate or that makes it hard to work in (think Tin Man). It’s also good to avoid any costumes that might insult others intentionally or unintentionally. Have fun with it and enjoy the day. 

#4: Hold Trick or Treating for the Kids at Work

When done right it can be a great time to have the kids come to work for a little trick or treating party. Set aside a specific time of day, possibly close to the end of the day around 4-5p.m. and allow parents to bring in kids up to a specific age (ex: 13) to trick or treat. The kids will enjoy it immensely, they’ll get to see their parent’s workspace and the parent’s will enjoy having their kids dressed up and shared with their colleagues. This is an easy and inexpensive way to encourage work-family engagement.

#5: Have Office Halloween Trick or Treating

Have each person bring in candy for their work area and hold office trick or treating, costume or not. During the day each person can go around and trick or treat in the office gathering candy and meeting new coworkers they didn’t know before. This makes it easy to have teams cross-functionally meet and connect in a fun way. Bonus: provide the candy for the teams and fruit for those who are candy averse.

There are plenty of ways to make Halloween fun for those offices that want to do so. If your office isn’t planning on one of them, recommend one of the above to your manager or office manager and see if they’ll get on board with it. These are all inexpensive ways to have fun this Halloween. Enjoy!