When was the last time you went to the sink in the office and there were dirty dishes? Does this drive you crazy? What about no paper in the copier? We all have pet peeves and being in an office together creates its own set of office pet peeves. Here’s the Top 3 Office Pet Peeves of 2018, according to a recent LinkedIn survey.

#1: Not Taking Accountability

You’re in a meeting and the boss brings up an issue that happened. We’ve all been there. It’s no fun to take ownership of something that went wrong but no one is perfect. That said, when it comes to take time for your actions, step up and do it. Does it drive you crazy when you know who created the issue and they don’t take accountability? You’re not alone. The #1 Global Pet Peeve is people not taking accountability for their actions.

#2: Hands Off My Food

Here in the U.S. we get very upset when it comes to our food. 65% say that their biggest pet peeve is when people take food from the refrigerator that isn’t theirs. That makes sense to me. If make my lunch and bring it to work, I’m looking forward to eating it. What I’m not looking forward to is you eating it and leaving me without a lunch. Keep your paws off unless you want to lose friends in the office.

#3: Clean Up After Yourself

Do you have a cleaning lady at home? Did your Mom clean up after you as a kid? Well, that’s not the case at work. Dirty common areas come in at #3 top pet peeve globally. It’s time to clean up those areas you work in that you share with others. Put your dirty coffee mug in the office dishwasher, wipe down the bathroom sink and clean up your cubicle when you leave. Think about common courtesy when sharing a work environment and everyone will get along better.


Interested to know what pet peeves are in other countries? 40% of Japanese reported office pranks, 74% of Indians reported loud mobile phone ringtones, and 83% of Brazilians reported excessive gossiping as their top pet peeves.