If you’ve ever been stuck in a career rut or between two career decisions, you know the value of help in making a decision. Sometimes you need more than a family member or friend to turn to and that’s when the not-so-cheap, yet highly valuable advice of a career coach comes in. It can be an invaluable resource during many times.

Are you a seasoned profession moving up the ranks? You could benefit from the reassurance and coaching from a career coaching professional to help you successfully advance. Looking to switch careers? Their advice will help you make a smooth transition to something suitable and satisfying long-term. Here are ten (10) benefits of a career coach:

1. Help Recognize Your Professional Value

This is much more than salary negotiation although that’s part of it too. A qualified career coach will work with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and what you bring to the table to make the employer ready to hire you and pay for you. They will guide you through the offer process and help you negotiate your market value.

2. Guide You to Establish a Career, Not a Job

People go from job to job but with a career coach on your side, you’ll be moving to a career. Using quantitative assessments, they partner with you to determine the best working environment, ideal management structure and communication styles for you to ensure your next opportunity is a career, not just a job. They’re trained to know you first as an individual and a professional second. This results in a career choice that’s promising, fulfilling and challenging in all ways.

3. Build Connections

As a career coaching client, you’ll have access to the coach’s network of contacts. Often this includes recruiting partners, hundreds of LinkedIn contacts or, at a minimum, their ability to leverage their connections to help you build your own. Do you need to tap into a leader to build your own connection? Your career coach will teach you exactly how to do it, and it will work.

4. Launch a Career in a New Field

Are you thinking of changing fields or industries? Career coaches are experts at this. You won’t be dragging your feet thinking how you do this. You’ll be guided by an expert that’s taught dozens, or hundreds, of professionals how to do this with ease and efficiency and will guide you through it as well.

5. Help Craft Your Personal Brand Statement

Everyone needs an elevator pitch and when it comes to you it’s called a personal brand statement. Your career coach will work with you to understand your story and distill it down to a 15 to 30-second elevator pitch that’s authentic and sounds natural when you tell it. It’ll also help you land your dream job.

6. Prepare for Interviews

Job interviews cause nerves, sweating and all kinds of intimidation. Preparation is imperative; take the mystery out of the process and put confidence in when you prepare with your career coach. Their years of real-life recruiting insights and partnerships with recruiters will help you succeed.

7. Build Confidence in Your Career and Yourself

To have a successful career, you absolutely have to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. In order to do so, you need to understand and recognize your value. By hiring a career coach, your able to understand an outsider’s perspective on why and how you stand out from your peers (a.k.a. the competition).

8. Keep You Accountable and Motivated

A good career coach wants you to attain your goals and reach your full potential. Therefore, they will motivate you, track your progress and check in on you to ensure you’re doing what’s necessary to achieve your career success. Having this accountability means you’re more likely to reach your intended career goals be that getting a raise, promotion or making a career change.

9. Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Today’s employers know about you before you know they’re looking at you thanks to LinkedIn. A simple list of your employer’s name, title and dates won’t cut it. You need a power packed LinkedIn profile that showcases your key accomplishments, skill sets and endorsements. It needs to stand out among thousands of others and your career coach knows how to do this.

10. Navigate Difficult Career Decisions

During your career you will encounter at least one make-it or break-it career decision. You’ll need someone to turn to in order to navigate this decision that’s a neutral party. Guess who that is? You guessed it. It’s a career coach. Family and friends can be helpful but may tell you what you want to hear or what they think you want to hear. A career coach will have your best interests in mind and will use that to give you advice accordingly.