Who wants to go to work when it’s not fun? Granted we’re there to be productive but it’s nicer to be there when you can have fun too, right? When you have fun you’ll naturally do a better job too so it’s good for you and your company. That’s why we’re giving you 7 ways to have fun at work, while also being productive.

1. Create happy traditions with co-workers

If a group of you all like lattes, think about going to the in-office cafe at the same time a couple times/week to chat and grab your cup of mojo. While there, surprise a co-worker by buying a latte for them every once in a while. This gift of kindness will be a happy surprise in your tradition and brighten their day.

2. Get up and move

There’s a local company here that promotes wellness as a key tenet of their culture. Oftentimes you’ll see their employees outside walking around the pond in the back of their office. One of they senior executives takes her conference calls while walking around the pond barefoot. According to her, the demands of her schedule require her to be on calls or in meetings most of the day and she loves to wear heels so she found a way to fit it in that worked for her schedule and her fashion choices.

3. Customize your office space

Whether you have a desk, cubicle or office, make it your own. Put up a picture from vacation, one of your best friend and you having a great time, or one that brings you joy. Keep thank you notes and cards that remind you what a great person you are and sticky notes from colleagues thanking you for helping them. These “little” things personalize your space and keep you happy during the day.

4. Dish out the compliments

Have you ever heard “Give what you want to get?” This is great advice when it comes to compliments. If you want to get compliments on your work, fashion or office, then start dishing them out. It’s also simply good karma. Dish out the compliments to your colleagues on their work, their successes, their ideas and their advice. Thank them for helping you, for stopping by to say hi or for wearing a bright sweater that might have brightened your day.

5. Pump up your playlist

Want to have more fun and feel more motivated at work? Make a playlist that gets you going each morning. I have a few Pandora stations that I shuffle throughout the day and my team knows my “mood” by what’s playing. I’d tell you what I start my day with but I’m afraid it’d scare you off so let’s just say it’s energetic and get’s me in my groove. What music gets you in your groove?

6. Take your lunch break

Do you eat lunch at your desk, or skip it all together? No bueno. It’s much healthier if you grab that sandwich, salad or pizza and go eat your lunch. If you want to sit at your desk, stream some Netflix or read a magazine. Take your  (much needed) break instead of working through the hour. Your body, brain and colleagues will thank you. You’ll be much happier, and productive, when you return from eating and relaxing. If you can’t take the hour, take at least 20 minutes to eat and recharge your batteries.

7. Switch up your space

If you have the option to work from home, do it a couple times. If not, pick up that laptop and head to a communal space. Sometimes a change of scenery brings a fresh perspective to a challenge you’re facing or an issue you’ve been stuck on for a while. Pick up and hit the comfy chair in the communal space or go work from an open table. The new surrounding will do your body, and mind, some good.