5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Office

Did you know that January 14th is National Clean off Your Desk Day? It is and yes, they have a day for everything now. Having an organized office can keep you from spending countless hours looking for things. What a better way to start 2019 than by organizing your workspace. Here are some easy ways to organize.

1. Place a Trash Can by your desk

How many times do you glance at a piece of paper and think, “I’ll toss that out when I get up?” Instead, clear it off your desk right away by dropping it in your new trash can. While it might seem like a fun challenge, keeping a handy trash can right by your desk will leave you without all those missed shots and alleviate the crumpled papers cluttering the floor.

2. Kick cable clutter

We have cables for everything nowadays and they’re all on our desks. Phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, printers, our desks are cable nightmares. You can easily corral all of them with a simple binder clip or buy a cable holder to organize them all. If you want to get fancy, grab a label maker and mark each one of them so the next time one gets unplugged it’ll be easy to know which one it is.

3. Organize your documents

If you’re old fashioned like me and still use paper you’ve probably got stacks of items on your desk somewhere. The best thing for this is to grab a document organizer and have desktop files for the papers rather than stacking them up and rifling through them. Document organizers save time, keep a tidy space and help to make your desk look nice and pleasant.

4. Grab a desktop organizer

Think of this as the junk drawer for your desk. It holds everything from pens and paperclips to sticky notes and staples. Desktop organizers are great if you have little to no storage in your desk and if you like to keep all your ‘stuff’ at arm’s length. You’ll have easy access to pens, pencils, your phone, stamps (yes, some of us still mail things), and more. Keep your desk organized with this little tool.

5. Decorate your desk

It’s nice to add a personal touch to your desk and office. Avoid going overboard here with tchotchkes that’ll just clutter it up more. Instead add a nice framed photo, a decorative paperweight or a small piece of art. Having one item on your desk that you want to show off will make you more motivated to keep your space nice and tidy.