As we move more and more into a digital age, we often forget that communication is more than text messages and email. It’s essential to our daily lives and we do it both verbally and non-verbally continually throughout our day.  Here are 20 tips to improve your business communication skills.

  1. Practice your listening skills
  2. Collaborate, don’t dictate
  3. Invest in the right communication and collaboration tools
  4. Bring up sensitive issues in a timely manner
  5. Have, and use, a good people memory
  6. Learn the basics of nonverbal communication
  7. You have to over-communicate to simply communicate
  8. Avoid relying on visual aids
  9. Ask for, and be open to receiving, honest feedback
  10. Start, and end, with key points
  11. Engage your audience in discussion
  12. Master the art of timing
  13. Understand your audience
  14. Focus on earning respect instead of laughs
  15. Practice proper spelling and grammar in your communication
  16. Treat email like real mail
  17. Wait 24 hrs. before responding to something in anger (then delete it)
  18. Check your facts, twice
  19. Stay away from slang and emoticons
  20. Thank people for their time and attention